Meet the Team! Artman’s Executive Director Shares Her Journey of Compassionate Care

May 10, 2021

With over 40 years of experience in retirement living, Executive Director of Artman, Janet Lorenzon, understands the true meaning of compassionate care. Graduating from Penn State University with a degree in Therapeutic Recreation, Janet knew very early on that working with older adults was meant for her career.

“While I was in college, I worked with older adults in a long-term care community and I just fell in love with this population. That’s when I realized I really wanted to work in this field,” Janet affirms. After graduating, Janet worked in a few local senior living communities as part of their Therapeutic Recreation departments.

Janet finds the community at Artman…

Years later, Janet found Artman and knew she wanted to be a part of this beautiful community. “I really liked the organization. So, I started working here part-time in Therapeutic Recreation,” she says. Beginning her journey in 1988, Janet was thrilled to work with the friendly residents and team at Artman.

As time progressed and Janet thoroughly enjoyed engaging residents in numerous activities, a wonderful opportunity crossed her path. “An intern from Temple was about to start working in the community, but she needed a supervisor, and the supervisor had to be a full-time worker. I was still working part-time, so I transitioned to full and became her mentor,” Janet explains. “I thought I’d go back to working part-time, but I never did,” Janet laughs.

Janet’s journey to becoming Executive Director…

Spending more and more time in the community, Janet later became the Director of Ancillary Services at Artman, in which she supervised several departments including Therapeutic Recreation, Social Services, and Chaplaincy. Thrilled with her progress, Janet decided to pursue her Nursing Home Administrator certification and became Artman’s Nursing Home Administrator in 2002. From there, she became Associate Executive Director, and then stepped into her current position as Executive Director in 2012.

Overseeing management of the entire community including Skilled Nursing, Personal Care, Memory Care with Artman's unique Inspiring Today approach, as well as The Becoming Center, what Janet enjoys most about her job are the residents and team members she builds close relationships with each day.

Providing connection and engagement

As Janet manages several operations, the teamwork and collaboration she sees across various departments continues to inspire her. “The staff at Artman are a team that trust each other and work well together to do whatever we can to provide the best quality of care for our residents. We are all truly in this together,” Janet reflects.

Artman's team continues to develop safe, creative programs for resident engagement. Whether residents are playing their favorite game of BINGO, singing along in music therapy sessions, or enjoying time with friends at an outdoor barbeque, they have innumerous opportunities to experience fulfilling retirements with purpose and joy.

"This past year has been tough, and our residents care is our priority. They're the main reason I began doing this kind of work," Janet reflects. Ensuring safety and security for residents throughout this community, as Janet looks back on her many years developing relationships and building connections, she looks forward to many more.