Fundraising Success: 37th Annual Artman Golf Outing Benefits Benevolent Care Fund

June 17, 2022

This year, the 37th Annual Artman Golf Outing, which supports the Benevolent Care Fund, took place on May 23rd at Bluestone Country Club. The Benevolent Care Fund allows residents to remain in their homes at Artman even if their funds are exhausted.

Good weather prevailed, there was enthusiastic player participation, and many supportive volunteers worked hard alongside Golf Committee Chair, Sally Beil. Sally has worked tirelessly for the last three years in her central role, to oversee nearly every detail that impacts the golf outing. A huge thank you to the entire committee for all that they do each year to ensure that the golf outing is a success.

There are so many people that are involved with this event, and two in particular deserve special mention, Bob and Beverly Bortz. As members of Bluestone Country Club, they work behind the scenes making it possible for the golf outing to take place there.

While all of the final figures are still being calculated, it looks like this year’s event raised over $64,000. Its success would not be possible without the continued support of all our sponsors, especially Sodexo, the Title Sponsor. Artman is grateful for their support.

One of the heartwarming aspects of the golf outing is seeing how many family members of Artman residents, present and past, come together to support the cause. This year, for example, the brother and sister team, Hank and Anne Russell, whose mother, Barbara “Bunny” Russell currently lives at Artman, played the course together.

When asked why they came out to play, Hank responded, “Artman is a terrific place; we are happy that my mother is so comfortable there and we want to support this wonderful cause.” His sister Ann added, “We have been so impressed by the caring compassion shown to our mother by everyone at Artman, and we have really appreciated the exceptional, ongoing communication with us as family members, to know what is going on at Artman and that our mother is always safe and secure.”

Touchingly, so too, were family members playing who sadly lost loved ones recently, such as Don and Ann Smullen, whose mother (Don’s) passed away this spring. The commitment and steadfast support by those who have lost loved ones, but who continue to support The Benevolent Care Fund by participating in this Annual Event, is very moving.

Throughout the day and evening, attendees mentioned again and again that they were delighted to support such a good cause and to have the opportunity to give back through this event. During the awards ceremony, the committee recognized and thanked Janet Lorenzon, recently retired Executive Director of Artman, for her time working annually with the event. They also welcomed Artman’s new Executive Director, Dana O’ Donnell.

Sandy Smith, Liberty’s Donor Services and Events Specialist, deserves special kudos for executing this event so beautifully. Madeline Byrne, director of Community Life at Artman, played a vital role in connecting the Artman community to planning and fundraising.

Everyone who is involved with the golf outing makes this event a tremendously positive and memorable experience. They not only generously contribute their time, talents, money, and energy in participating, but they do so with a spirit of caring and compassion. Most importantly, the results of these efforts make it possible for Artman residents to remain in their homes at Artman. Without such a supportive community enabling the success of this event, it could not take place. Everyone is looking forward to next year’s golf outing!

By way of the Benevolent Care Fund, you provide resources to residents who can no longer afford the cost of care through no fault of their own. And you ensure that new and innovative programs are continually implemented to strengthen the lives of all who call Artman home.